Madam Mysteria
Red Alert: Pressure Overload!
What started out to be a Pressure Gauge ended up being an all-out Scissor Massacre! Madam Mysteria decides to do things her own way, still showing off her Godly strength, but without any type of gauge. She simply crushes him senseless, breaching his limits until he's purple in the face. Just look at her legs when she knocks him out in that reverse headscissor! He's lucky he passed out before his head popped off! That is muscle you do not want to mess with. Look at his face when he wakes up from his nap and realizes that he's still trapped in this muscle prison. Priceless! We've mentioned it before but her reverse figure-4 is a game changer. Once she's got you in there, well, just check out the fear she inflicts onto Jay. He does everything he can to sneak a breath but her ass and thighs keep engulfing his neck and lower face. Jay is so relieved when she finally lets him go. Mysteria stomps on his stomach and strikes a victory pose.Now that's some SERIOUS POWER!
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