Marissa Marshall
My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Puts Me On Lockdown!
Some of you may have experienced a crazy girlfriend, wife or ex who just loved putting the squeeze on you. Marissa is one of those girls just loves taking it too far! Jay had no choice but to break up with her as he could no longer handle her scissor addiction. Unfortunately for him, she had made a copy of his key and decided to wait for him one evening. What's even worse is she admits that she never used her full power while they were together and was excited to show it to him. Marissa snaps her legs around his body as he tries to retrieve his key from her. He immediately feels the EXTRA power as he grasps her muscular thighs to try and relieve some of the pressure with no success. She then clamps tightly onto his neck and asks: "Do you wanna break up with me now?" His muffles of pain do not satisfy her so she continues to squeeze, informing him that she's been training hard at the gym just for this. He tries as hard as he could to escape this crazy woman's steel grip but she laughs and reminds him that he'll NEVER escape! Just to make sure he gets the point, she throws him in a side reverse in perfect position to add pressure to his neck artery and puts him to sleep. She has this relationship on lockdown and there really isn't anything he can do about it.
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