Marissa Marshall
The Escape Room: Episode 2
Please welcome our latest Fox who is a former gymnast, fitness competitor and gets a kick out of crushing men between her muscular thighs! In this second episode of our "reality show", Marissa must prevent the contestant from getting his entire body across the yellow line by ALL means necessary! If he manages to do so within 10 minutes, he wins the million dollar prize! BUT, if he fails, Marissa gets the pleasure of breaking his neck with her powerful thighs! To top it off, he's also tied at his hands and feet so running is certainly not an option. Marissa torments him and laughs out loud at his unfortunate predicament. Once she clamps her legs together, it's like putting your head in a bear trap! She even manages to get her first quick KO with a figure-4 headscissor. You'll notice that she has terrific calf muscles built perfectly for that hold. With every passing minute, it's a real struggle for his life but his time has run out and she breaks the loser's neck. We've also included a close-up slow motion replay. Marissa Marshall is READY for her next contestant! Do you have what it takes?
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