Maxxi ManKillah
Peeping Tom Gets Knocked The F**k Out!
You're about to see Maxxi go full out on a peeping tom and knocking him the f**k out! During her leg workout, she catches a guy leering through her window and taking pictures with his phone. She springs from her gym and bolts outside, returning with the douchebag in a headlock. She whips him to the ground and snaps him in a tight reverse, making him squirm for his life. She repeatedly threatens him all while enjoying her new thigh master. His neck couldn't be hiked up any higher in that reverse headscissor (which there are plenty of in this beatdown) as she wiggles her ass in his face. Her booty is magnificent! Maxxi grinds her teeth as she crushes this creep between her fit, toned legs! She also slaps him, pulls his hair, covers his mouth and chokes him with her hand. She then yanks him in for one last reverse and squeezes him with all of her might knowing full well that he was going to take a nap. His body flops to the floor as planned and she stands over him showing off her firm figure.
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