Megan Jones & Mia Annabella
Scissor Triangle 2
You know what they say, 2 is better than 1 and when you include the deadly duo of Megan Jones and Mia Annabella, you know it's gonna be GOOD! We haven't attempted this since Scissor Challenge 100 and had to take advantage of this opportunity since these girls had such great chemistry. While Mia scissors Jay in a reverse, Megan walks in and decides to give her some "motivation". She sticks Mia in numerous scissorholds while ordering her to squeeze Jay HARDER! It literally is a train of pain! Halfway through, she finally commands her to knock Jay out or feel her wrath. Mia happily obeys and puts him out. Now it's Megan's turn to put the squeeze on him and Mia can't wait to get her revenge on Megan. The tables have turned and Mia makes sure they both suffer in reverse scissorholds. Now it's Megan's turn to knock him out and as her thighs turn to steel, Jay fades out once more. The trash talking in this video is simply awesome and we know you'll get a kick out of it. Enjoy a tag team like no other!
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