Megan Jones
Pressure Gauge: Brute KO Force!
Most of us know of Megan's brute strength so we thought we'd put it to the test in our Pressure Gauge series and boy did Jay pay dearly! Starting at 20% of her power in various scissorholds then slowly adding pressure, you can really see the intensity as she nears the 100% mark. Megan was excited to show off her power and exerts all of her energy into her scissors, even propping herself off of the floor to get full leverage. This of course spells out BIG trouble for the little man trapped between her thighs. She makes him her scissor bitch in every sense of the word and has a lot of fun doing it. He gets knocked out back to back starting with a figure-4 followed by a reverse headscissor so tight, it's no wonder he wakes up dazed and confused. Megan puts one foot on his chest, flexes her biceps and says: "I knew you couldn't take it".
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