Megan Jones
Prisoner of War 6
Prisoner of War is one of the most intense series on our site and Megan Jones really takes her victim to extreme levels of pain and panic. The prisoner is tied up at the hands and feet and must survive full constant pressure from her scissors. He can beg, scream and wiggle all he wants but it won't stop Megan from holding on tight. She REALLY lets him have it! Her thick thighs constrict his head like a boa, turning it into a deep shade of purple. It's no wonder he passes out twice and comes close a couple more times. When you have Megan giving it all she's got, something's gotta give. Her last reverse headscissor is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Jay's head looks like it's going to explode. She holds it at a full 100% of her power until he goes completely limp. Striking a victory pose, Megan has never looked more sexy and dangerous.
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