Megan Jones
Sweet Revenge: Kill or Be Killed!
Megan Jones is BACK on ScissorFoxes where she finds herself in a little predicament (nothing she can't handle). One of her biggest fans has managed to kidnap her and bind her to a chair. As he goes down to strap down her ankles, her legs shoot out and snag him by the throat. Her smooth pantyhose covered thighs feel like constrictors. It looks as though Megan is now in complete control as she tightens her grip and demands that he unbinds her arms. As soon as she's free, she cautions him that it's nap time and knocks him out. Upon awakening, he realizes that he's been tied up. Megan is seeking revenge and is about to REALLY let him have it! Her scissors are beyond strong, nearly popping his head off. She squeezes, taunts and smothers the poor man until she's finally had enough of him and shows him the true power of her legs. With a swift blow, she snaps his neck between her thighs. This is the hottest video of Megan yet! Don't miss out!
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