Mia Annabella
Scissor Assassin: The Python Paralyzer
Mia has perfected her scissors and her "pythons" can either knock you out, break your neck and even paralyze you. This technique takes years of practice and precise muscle control. She's known as the Python Paralyzer and you're about to witness her last hit. She kicks him in the chest, sending him flying into the sofa. She then stuffs her foot right into his throat, warning him that he's in a world of trouble. She drags him to the floor by his hair and wraps her "pythons" around his neck. She slowly squeezes the life right out of him. It takes everything in him to breathe. Her rear naked choke is especially brutal, knocking him out so good that he totally spasms out. She then finally shows off her signature scissor paralyzer, snapping her legs out and breaking the exact bones to prevent him from moving. "Now I can have all the fun I want" she says. She yanks his head into a reverse headscissor, gives him a good squeeze then finishes him off with a neck breaker. Beware of Mia's PYTHONS! You may be next!
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