Miss Amazon
My Teenage Cousin Gets Her BIG Revenge!
When Jay used to wrestle and beat up his younger cousin, she was just a little girl. He hasn't seen her since their last family reunion years ago so he's completely shocked when she walks in the room towering over him. His amazonian cousin is ready to get her revenge and the odds are stacked against him. She yanks him off the sofa and forces him between her long strong legs, something she learned while wrestling in high school. He tries to pry himself free but there's no chance. She slowly breaks him down, squeezing him between her anaconda legs until he finally apologizes but she wants nothing of it. He begs her to stop but she's having too much fun turning his face blue and making him slap himself. She sings him a lullaby right before putting him to sleep in a rear naked choke. She then gives him one last squeeze with a front headscissor at full power that sets him in frenzy. Bet he won't be looking forward to their next reunion.
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