Miss Amazon
Scissor Challenge 265
This young amazon locks Jay between her long strong thighs and holds him there with ease for the entire 10 minute challenge. He really struggles to break free but he is no match for this 6'3" 200 lbs athlete. She's taller, stronger and can easily put his lights out at any given time. Her legs are like 2 large pillars impossible to budge. She mocks him as she casually holds him firmly in her scissors, giving him bursts of power every so often. Again, he gives it his all to pry her legs open and free himself from her leg jail but it would take a LOT more than his measly strength to escape her grip. His failure is her reward as she clamps on and gives him everything she's got until he's out. "Looks like I won the bet" she says with a grin as he slowly comes out of his scissor nap. He never stood a chance!
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