Nikki Next
Bedroom Battles Round 27
Nikki had so much fun doing this Bedroom Battle and it's certainly one of our best yet! She said it reminded her of when she used to wrestle her brothers. She had a grin from ear to ear and was quite the brat throughout. Nikki made sure Jay felt humiliated and helpless with her quick moves, vise-like scissors followed by forced feet smelling. Nikki's known for having sexy feet. She'd also make him tap hard and repeatedly before letting him go and starting a new round. This girl is MEAN and ridiculously strong! She takes much pleasure in hearing men beg and scream from her scissors. Her legs are very defined and once she traps your neck between them, it only takes her seconds to put you out whenever she wants! She manages to knock him out in a reverse then purposely puts him out again in a front headscissor. There's no stopping Nikki Next!
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