Nikki Next
Hot Yoga = Knockouts!
Nikki Next is BACK and READY to knock some asses OUT! Her hot yoga classes must be doing something right because her scissors are stronger than ever and her knockouts can happen at will! If Nikki wants you out, it's instant! There's 3 knockouts in this video and Jay never seen them coming. While wearing her blue skin tight leggings, she catches him taking glimpses of her ass. She gets fed up and gives him an up close and personal view of it. Within seconds of being in her reverse, his body goes completely limp (almost falling off the workout bench). She strips down to her booty shorts and challenges him to wrestle. He finds himself at her mercy once again, neck pinched between her ridiculously strong legs. Just like that, another knockout in her side reverse scissors but this time, Jay's arms start twitching all over the place. She really got him good! Nikki has a big grin on her face while he tries to recover from his scissor nap. Her massacre continues and she knocks him out once more in a side front scissor. It's a quick one but he's out of it for a few seconds and just as he realizes where he is, she cranks on the pressure again. Nikki may look sweet but she can easily be your worst nightmare! If you ever find yourself trapped in her scissors, you will certainly find yourself waking up to that sexy smile realizing just how strong she really is.
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