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Officer Bitch
Officer Nikki will show you the full extent of HER law if she believes that you deserve it and punish you "appropriately". Take this guy for instance. A report came in stating that he abuses and chokes out his girlfriend so after cuffing his wrists behind his back, Nikki decides to give him a taste of his own medicine. Having very trained and athletic legs from years of service, using scissorholds is certainly the most effective way to get her point across. She later uncuffs him to show him who's in charge without any kind of advantage. She also warns him that she's going to break his neck! Her scissors are MORE than capable as she demonstrates by first knocking him out with a figure-4 headscissor. She roughs him up real bad before delivering on her promise. With his head locked between her thighs, she pins his arms back and thrusts her legs outwards and she hears his neck snap. You do not want to cross this vigilante cop as you can clearly see, she shows no mercy on her victims!
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