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Scissor Therapy Gone Too Far!
Admitting that you have a scissor addiction is the first step. Dealing with it can be tougher than you may think. Take this patient here whose wife recommended a "special" therapist for his fetish. To his surprise, Dr. Nikki's treatments are VERY extreme! After having him lay down on the floor in a relaxed position, she drops her ass on his chest and snags his head into a super tight headscissor. Dr. Nikki believes that she has to put the fear in her patient so that he'll never want to be scissored again. The panic is this session is VERY intense! She slowly removes items of clothing until she's got noting on but her pantyhose, bra and underwear. Those silky smooth nylons cover some of the deadliest legs you will ever experience. She gets right into it and goes a little too far. Twice she knocks her patient out with her scissors and both times she puts him back in the same move immediately after waking up and puts the fear of God in him. So if you're ready for lots of panic, real KO's and sexiness, then Dr. Nikki is ready for you.
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