Nikki Next
Wonder Woman: Unleash Hell
As we mentioned before, Nikki Next bears a stunning resemblance to Wonder Woman superstar Gal Gadot. She totally rocks that outfit and completely destroys these 2 guys! She man handles them with ease, in some instances, both at the same time! After knocking Trent out with a rear naked choke and really shaking him up, her next knockout is one of the most intense on our site. She puts Jay in a reverse headscissor on the sofa and 5 seconds later, he is twitching and completely out of it. Nikki laughs and boasts at her back to back knockouts! Her scissors are insane and that kind of strength shouldn't be coming from a girl of that size. Unfortunately for them, she truly is that strong and must endure crazy amounts of pressure. She later pins both them down, one in a headlock and the other in a front headscissor and takes turns breaking each of their necks. Now this is one Wonder Woman you do NOT want to mess with!
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