Nikki Next
Xenia Onatopp: Too Hot To Handle!
The wait is over! Some of you hoped that we shot a Xenia Onatopp video with the one and only Nikki Next and you were right. She does an excellent job and brings her scissor "A" game to the max! We told her how popular these videos were and she did not want to disappoint. Needless to say, Nikki shocked us when she knocked Jay (aka James Bond) out 3 times almost in a row. She's a real bad ass! During Xenia and Bond's introduction, she quickly leaps onto his torso, wrapping her strong legs around his body. He slams her up against the wall then onto the ground where she converts into a triangle choke. She calls the exact moment that she knocks him out for the first time. As she's placing him in a reverse headscissor, she says: "lets do it again" and moments later, she adds that extra squeeze and puts him out a second time. Shortly after, she applies the tightest rear naked choke and gets her 3rd KO. He remains in this hold for quite some time after waking up and the suffering is VERY intense! "Think of it like an anaconda" she says with a big smile. Xenia continues to work his ribs with her bodyscissors as she does best, eventually breaking them numerous times. With his crippled body still trapped between her legs, she ends his life by snapping his neck with her bare hands. She certainly is too hot to handle!
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