Nikki Next
Scissor Challenge 224
It's finally here! We've been getting plenty of emails asking if we shot a reverse challenge with Nikki Next. Of course we did and it's one hell of a show! TONS of PANIC! A half knockout only 2 minutes in and REAL FULL BLOWN SHAKIN' BACON KNOCKOUT at the end! His eyes roll back and he's out of it for quite a while. The moment she straightens her legs, you know he's in big trouble. The gasping, the pleas and the tapping are instantaneous. Nikki's reverse is something else. Who would of ever of thought such power can come from such a petite young girl? She really wants him to try and get out but every time he tries to pry her legs apart, she laughs or smirks and gives him a good squeeze for failing. She then puts him in a reverse figure-4 for about a minute, arching her back and touching her sexy foot to his nose. She let's him try and escape one last time but Nikki's not impressed. That's when you see her stretch out, tighten her glutes and wait for her captive to flop to the ground and go to scissor heaven. The smile on her face says it all. She seems to get quite a kick out of knocking men out.
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