Nikki Next
Knocking Out Her Cousin!
Have you ever had that one cousin that you'd see once in a while and when you did, you would wrestle? Well, Nikki Next is a prime example of this. She always lost to her older cousin but now she's about to show him some new moves and make him pay! She yanks him off the couch and traps him between her legs. She starts to squeeze and you can tell that he's afraid. He did not expect that kind of power from his younger cousin. He used to out-power her all the time but this may be the beginning of a new era. Nikki totally dominates him! He tries to pry his way out but he's learning real quick just how helpless he is. Humility starts to hit him and the thought of a family member walking in on them worries him. Nikki doesn't care and in fact, decides to show him how she can knock him out with a sleeper hold. He tries to resist but within seconds, he's out like a light. Scissor after scissor, this young girl wearing sexy cut off jean shorts makes him her bitch. After kicking his ass, she forces him to kiss her pretty feet. I wonder if he'll be looking forward to the next family reunion.
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