Nikki Next
Pressure Gauge: 3rd Scissor Wonder!
Come see ScissorFoxes' 3rd Scissor Wonder! We've had some crazy occurrences happen in the last few weeks which we didn't even think were possible. First, we had Chichi make Jay foam at the mouth with a knockout. Second, Goddess Severa knocked him out with a bodyscissor. Now, our latest Fox Nikki Next proves beyond a doubt that size DOESN'T matter! Who would have thought this 19 year old 5'2" 100 lbs girl could deliver such insane power? She has perfect technique (which is very important) and has thin but solid legs from gymnastics and yoga. Jay admits that he highly underestimated her. The moment Nikki locked on to his neck, he knew that he was in BIG trouble. He immediately felt all his arteries pinch and his arm became numb. Her laughter and cute sexy smile describes exactly how proud she is of her super power. Nikki knocks him out with an extremely tight figure-4 and a reverse headscissor, which he woke with her gently blowing on his face. She is a super sweet young girl with the scissors that will shock you and put you to sleep. Don't take our word for it. See for yourself!
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