Breath Play 24
The Scissor Goddess herself takes a crack at our Breath Play series and as always, Jay pays dearly. Rapture's scissors can literally pop a man's head off and without even trying, will cut your air supply right off! Add in some Hand Over Mouth and you can only hope that she lets go soon enough to let you live. Let's not forget that she has her victim's hands and feet tied behind him. All he can do is wiggle and moan while Rapture completely owns him, flexing her beautiful biceps while crushing his puny neck. Her thick muscular thighs have so much definition and bulk that his face instantly turns purple every time she squeezes. Rapture firmly presses her hand on his mouth while pinching his nose with the other multiple times throughout this video. She finally finishes him off with a violent double NECK SNAP then strikes a long victory pose.
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