Doing Hard Time in Leg Jail
He has the right to remain silent, which he does when she knocks him out. Anything he says can and will be used against him and boy does she ever use it against him. Between the hand over mouth, explosive scissors and the muscle flexing, it's no wonder that officer Rapture rarely has any repeat offenders. You couldn't escape those legs with a pry bar. His head looks like a little pea inside those massive thighs and when she has him in a reverse headscissor, her ass engulfs those short shorts along with his neck. That there is practically a death sentence but she likes to keep him alive so he can feel her crushing scissor power. After playing with her new squeeze toy, she breaks out the handcuffs and locks his wrist to her own. If that wasn't enough, without warning, she purposely knocks him out then, when he wakes up, lets him know that he won't be going anywhere! If and when she decides to let him go, that boy will never be the same.
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