Scissor Challenge 249
Rapture goes on a KNOCKOUT frenzy in this scissor challenge, which Jay could not finish due to safety concerns. He should have known better before sticking his head between those God-like pythons. Once she locked her ankles, there was absolutely nothing that he could do to prevent what was about to happen. Rapture puts him through one of the most intense rides of his life by crushing him mercilessly, taunting him with her biceps, then adding some hand over mouth & belly punches, then knocking him out 3 times against his will. She called every single one of them and purposely went for all three. She takes a few snap shots of his terrified purple face and posted them on her Twitter account. He suffers the unimaginable and there was no way that he could have survived the entire 10 minutes. It was WAY more than he bargained for. Rapture finally unlocks her leg jail and lets her prisoner free. She stands over his limp, battered body and strikes a sexy victory pose which includes plenty of muscle flexing.
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