Raven Wild
Bedroom Battles Round 38
It's really too bad that Raven currently does not offer sessions because she is one of the funnest girls to wrestle and work with. This bedroom battle is an absolute blast and it's very apparent that she's loving every second of it. From her ass slapping, wet willies and acrobatic stunts, this is one match you nor Jay will ever forget. This girl gives 110% in everything she does and that includes her squeezing. When she locks on those gymnast thighs around your neck, you have VERY little time to tap out or you WILL PASS OUT! There's no doubt about it. She knocks him out good in a reverse headscissor then again in a figure-4. This is a very intense match where Jay almost pins her down but Raven quickly recovers, snatching his neck in her firm scissor grip. If you think you can unlock her ankles or pry those legs apart, you are delusional. She's built to crush heads and does it with a smile! So enjoy our latest Bedroom Battle! It's certainly one of our best!
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