Raven Wild
Breath Play 28
It's Raven's turn for Breath Play and she seems to like it a little too much. This was actually the first video we ever shot with her and you'll see why we knew she'd make a perfect Xenia. She's a total natural and genuinely gets turned on by scissors. She was also built for scissoring. Watch her thick muscular thighs constrict his neck, preventing him from going anywhere while her strong hands take full control of his breath. Raven gets great satisfaction when her slave struggles to survive. It only provokes her to hold his breath longer and make him squirm even more. Her reverse headscissor is a beast of its own. Her first time learning how to scissor and she manages to knock him out twice. I guess that's what you get when you spend years as a pro gymnast. Experience Raven's very first squeeze before she became the scissor machine we all know and love today.
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