Raven Wild
Scissor Challenge 244
You better think twice before betting Raven $1000 to a Scissor Challenge. This ex-gymnast has incredible power in her thighs from her excruciating training which was designed to forge future Olympians. This also made her persistence and stamina some of the best we've ever seen. She really pours on the pressure during this entire challenge, constricting every muscle in her muscular legs. Raven sweats and moans giving it 100% just like back in her training days. She cranks in a couple of reverse figure-4's to really pull in the neck. There's NO WAY in hell that she losing this bet! Even though there's no escaping her grip, at least you get a great view of her perfect ass. This P.O.V. will surely thrill you as she is very playful yet dominant. This is until she decides to knock your ass out! Witness the knockout in both views followed by a jaw dropping victory pose that will leave you wanting more.
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