Raven Wild
Scissor SAW VI
For this year's Scissor SAW, Raven really dives into her character and delivers an incredible performance. With a background in acting, she really pours her entire heart and soul into this. Tied up and locked in a room with her dearest friend, they are awoken by a terrifying voice, pitting them against one another to a fight to the death. Only the sole survivor will ever see the light of day again. Raven manages to snap the lock holding her legs together. She then pounces on her friend, wrapping her strong legs around his neck. She sheds a lot of tears and shows plenty of remorse for the friend she has no choice but to kill if she wants to survive. Unable to defend himself, he tries to plead with her but she sticks to her plan and tries to crush him with the strongest muscles in her body. Raven even knocks him out with a reverse headscissor then finally manages to break his neck. She snaps it once more to make sure he is gone. Raven kneels before, gives him a kiss goodbye then heads for the door which has now opened. Let us know how you liked this more dramatic approach and Happy Halloween from all of us at ScissorFoxes!
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