Raven Wild
Wonder Woman: Strong as 100 Men!
We knew the second we saw Raven body painted as Wonder Woman on her Instagram that we had to make this video and we're happy as hell that we did! She is amazing as the Amazonian Princess, adding lots of charisma, attitude and don't forget POWER! As she mentions, she's as strong as 100 men so you can just imagine the pressure between those muscular thighs. He didn't stand a chance once she got him in that reverse headscissor. As soon as put her butt cheeks into it, he was out like a light. He wakes up to find himself in a schoolgirl pin where Diana flexes and caresses her biceps, then applies some hand over mouth. She then knocks him out again with a rear naked choke. That beautiful smirk just shows how much she's enjoying showing this man who the stronger sex is. Finally, she stands above him, drives her foot into his throat and shows us once more her incredible superiority and strength as she flexes her muscles! What a Woman!!
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