Raven Wild
Xenia Onatopp: Orgasmic Knockouts!
After working with Raven the first time, we immediately knew she would make a great Xenia Onatopp. We obviously weren't the only ones thinking this because after we released her first video, the requests came pouring in. So even though we haven't released all of her videos from the first shoot, we decided to invite her back and fulfill everyone's request. As we and many of you suspected, she was magnificent. Her portrayal of the sexy femme fatale is VERY orgasmic! Since we only shot the one video, Raven gives everything she's got! With her gymnast thighs locked on tight, she manages to knock him out in a triangle choke. Bond then gets thrown onto the bench where Xenia proceeds to crush his ribs. Trying to break himself from her death grip, Bond gets up and slams her against the wall numerous times, but this only turns her on even more. She finally releases his body only for him to realize that his ribs may be broken. She quickly traps his head into a reverse headscissor pouring on the pressure. After putting the fear into him, she tightens up and puts him to sleep one more time! Xenia Onatopp leaves behind a very broken secret agent.
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