Raven Wild
Xenia Onatopp Origin: Wet & Wild!
Raven Wild makes an explosive comeback as your beloved Xenia Onatopp and you're about to witness her first orgasmic scissors! In the beginning, shortly after being a pilot, Xenia was trained to be an assassin, but it wasn't until this moment that she discovered her scissor urges. As a guest of one of Russia's finest hotels, she treats herself to a spa. A secret spy acting as concierge tries to submerge her into the tub. She quickly reacts, hopping onto his back, wrapping her big strong legs around his waist while choking his neck with her arms. She informs him that a man has 24 ribs and she will break every single one of them! As she crushes him, cracking one rib at a time, she starts getting "excited"! She breathes harder and harder, moans louder and louder until she finally hits climax! Xenia then locks him in a reverse headscissor and knocks him out. She drags his limp body to the tub and throws him in. She jumps in after him, slapping him in the face until he's awake where he finds himself soaking wet and back in her headscissors. She then pulls him up into her bodyscissors and applies the tightest sleeperhold, putting him completely OUT! He slithers down and doesn't wake up until his face hits the water! This is Raven at her MAX so sit back and enjoy the ride!
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