Raven Wild
Xenia Onatopp: Welcome To The Jungle!
Raven reprises her role as Xenia Onatopp for the final act and you DO NOT want to miss this! She puts everything she's got into becoming Bond's sexiest adversary and after watching this, you'll definitely believe how much she gets turned on by crushing men between her thighs. After repelling from a helicopter, Xenia gives Mr. Bond a taste of what her scissors are capable of. She squeezes his head with ease but the pressure is too much for him to handle. The more he screams and squirms, the more turned on she gets which inadvertently makes her squeeze HARDER! In the heat of the moment, she knocks him out twice. Once in a reverse headscissor, then again in a rear naked choke. He is completely overwhelmed by her leg strength and there's nothing that this special agent can do to defend himself. Xenia then picks him up by the collar and holds him up firmly in a standing bodyscissor, slowly breaking his ribs. While in complete agony, she licks his entire face then SNAPS his neck with her bare hands. His limp body drops to the floor and Xenia puts her foot on his chest in complete euphoria. Enjoy the final chapter of Raven's HOT Xenia Onatopp trilogy!
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