Red Diamond
The Bounty Hunter 2
After getting captured by Anastazia in 2015, the same fugitive is on the loose and is wanted by the authorities again. It's time to send in the BIG GUNS!! This FBB bounty hunter aka Red Diamond always captures her target. After tracking him down, she carries him in on her back, throws him to the ground, wraps her muscular quads around his neck and ropes him up like a calf. This certainly isn't her first rodeo. Red gets quite the thrill watching these renegades squirm between her rock solid thighs. She gladly keeps him in her leg prison until she's satisfied. After all, they need to learn their lessons. She believes in corporal punishment and what better way to do so than to squeeze some sense into their little heads. After plenty of screaming and begging, she puts him in a choke hold and drags him out to the police station. He'll certainly be safer there.
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