Sadie Rose
Escape This: The Cops Are Coming!
As mentioned before, Sadie Rose is SHOCKINGLY strong (like instant KO strong) so it was terrible luck that this robber ended up in her house. If he only knew what was in store for him, he would have moved on to the next house. Sadie busts this guy stealing her stuff so she throws him to the ground and shows him what her legs are capable of. He begs her to stop but her fun has just begun. Sadie hammers down and clenches her muscles until he passes out. Now things are about to get crazy! The burglar wakes up while she's tying him up. She also informs him that she's called the cops and until they arrive, she's going to enjoy herself at his expense. She puts him in a side reverse figure-4 that must have been applied perfectly because we've never seen so much panic from that hold. Sadie also shows off her reverse headscissor strength once more and knocks him out AGAIN! Every scissorhold looks devastating and to make matters worse, she decides to throw in some hand over mouth. This guy can't catch a breath! The police finally arrive so she grants him temporary freedom by releasing him from her punishing grip. To be continued...
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