Sadie Rose
Feet (when Scissoring) 2
We've been getting a LOT of requests to do another Feet video and who better than Sadie who sports a lovely size 9 foot. She's got sexy arches and a killer scissor so this was bound to be good. We should also mention that the first out of the 2 knockouts is very extreme and was held for quite some time without notice. You can tell by Jay's reaction when he's finally released from the hold, that he's quite disorientated. This video puts focus on feet while Sadie squeezes her prey with everything she's got. It really is the best of both worlds. She is quite relentless as always and is one of our strongest squeezers. In fact, one of her recent session clients passed out so bad that she was worried that she'd have to take him to the hospital. Good news is that he was fine and she's just never experienced someone convulse so bad. Her strength is simply unreal! So sit back and enjoy Sadie's sexy feet and devastating scissors!
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