Sadie Rose
Pressure Gauge: Freakishly Strong!
This is BY FAR one of the MOST BRUTAL Pressure Gauges that we've ever seen! Sadie is in a league of her own. Yes she's tall and fit but her strength far exceeds what you would ever expect! The free preview clip below says it all. We did black out some of the most intense scenes (didn't want to give away all of the goodies) but what you hear is genuine FEAR!!! The crazy thing is that he couldn't even handle more than 60% of her power in many of her scissors. The bodyscissor for example, Jay felt unnerving pressure at 10% and he prides himself of having a strong core and higher tolerance for this hold. She practically breaks him in half! The knockouts are also INTENSE and very REAL! She gets her first one with a sleeperhold which Venus (our camerawoman) had to step in and stop Sadie because he was out for a while. The second one is in the last reverse headscissor. You can see Jay reach up to pinch her thigh (his safety signal) when she hit the 60% mark but passes out a split second too soon. His arm drops and he starts snoring. He then wakes up in a panic, still imprisoned by her freakishly strong legs, slapping them frantically. When she finally lets him go, Jay is very disorientated and his legs are shaking a lot. This will certainly resonate with him forever. Do you think you can handle Sadie Rose's scissors?
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