Sadie Rose
The Next ScissorFox Superstar
What we are about to tell you is all true. Sadie Rose messaged us from a modeling site (which typically happens with session girls and not models), telling us how fun our site looked and how great she would be at it. Her years in pole fitness certainly gave her the necessary skills needed. She came over for a shoot and did a test squeeze on Jay (as we normally do to gauge each other's strength and tolerance) and Jay was underwhelmed. But WAIT, there's more! Maybe it was fear of hurting him or a case of the jitters but as soon as that camera came on, Sadie's scissors exploded and shocked the hell out of him! They were unbearable and to top that off, she knocks him out 3 times for REAL! The first 2 are quick little black outs but the last KO in the figure-4 is quite intense. She didn't know he was out and kept him under for quite some time before his body spasms rolled her over and she finally released him. The expression on his face says it all! This video is an homage to this story as she convinces Jay that she belongs on ScissorFoxes, knocking him out over and over again until he's begging her to be on the site! You don't want to miss our next scissor SUPERSTAR!
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