Sara Lips
Danger Girl: Double Kill
Sara (codename Danger Girl) is a highly skilled assassin and has the thigh grip of DEATH! She has trained her legs specifically to crush a man's skull and specializes in women getting revenge on their husbands or boyfriends. In this specific hit, this man made off with all of his ex-wife's savings after he cheated on her. This gives Sara more than enough fuel to make this especially painful. After quietly waiting in his hotel room, waiting until he and his accomplice fall asleep, she sneaks out from behind the curtain and snags the first man between her thighs. The second man wakes up confused but before he has a chance to save his friend, the latex clad assassin breaks his neck with her powerful thighs. She then turns her attention to him (the cheating ex-husband). He's about to feel pain like he's never felt before. Every time her quads flex around his neck, he screams out in agony. She REALLY makes him pay before finally snapping his neck too. All in a day's work!
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