Sara Lips
HARDcore Boot Camp!
As like any other of our Sara Lips videos, you will witness punishment beyond what any man should endure. She IS that strong! This was originally supposed to be a "Prisoner of War" video which includes bondage but after being reminded just how strong and brutal Sara can be, Jay chickened out. 2 seconds in any of her scissorholds and you would immediately understand and sympathize with him. This certainly doesn't mean that this video is any less brutal. She absolutely takes no mercy on his neck and body and ignores all taps, screams and safety signals. Sara says "You have to fear for your life" while she pulverizes him with numerous violent snapping scissors, punches to the gut and then throws water in his face after a devastating knockout from her reverse headscissor. We've also blacked out part of the preview clip like before, leaving only the audio of a very terrified desperate man screaming for his life. After all, we can't just give away all the goods.
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