Sara Lips
Piracy Police: Judgement Day
This guy did not see it coming and we "almost" feel bad for him. After months of asking us to be in videos again, we finally decided to pit him against one of the most dangerous women we know; Sara Lips! Sure enough, she did not hold back and gave him the most terrifying experience of his life! Piracy has become a big issue in this industry and can threaten the future of producers like ourselves, fetish models and session girls. We sent Sara (dressed in a sexy cop uniform) to make an example of this guy who's been posting our videos for free all over the net. He is literally screaming to survive between those big muscular thighs. She crushes him, punches him, smothers him, stomps on him AND knocks him out 4 times! We don't know how he survived this massacre. It's a shame it had to come to this. We'd like to thank all of our supporters and Sara for teaching this video posting freeloader a lesson he'll never forget!
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