Sara Lips
Pressure Gauge: Near Death Experience!
If anything, Sara is very consistent. She puts the fear of death in Jay once again. Venus, who's co-owner of ScissorFoxes, videographer, editor and also married to Jay, had a really hard time filming and editing this video. She felt extremely bad for what he went through as we believe you will to. Sara's scissor power isn't even normal. It's superhuman! It's no wonder Jay will no longer do bondage videos with her. The screams of terror couldn't be more intense and these holds are held for long periods of time. Even when Jay is yelling to stop, Sara continues to increase the pressure. She ends up knocking him out twice, once in a rear naked choke and then again in a reverse headscissor. If you wanna see Sara Lips nearly take someone's life with her scissors, then we invite you to check out her latest video. It's certainly one for the books.
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