Sara Lips
Scissor Challenge 254
This one for all you panic lovers. Some of you may remember Sunfire's Scissor Challenge 11 which was one of our best sellers. Well, this one has the same level of intensity. Sara is relentless when she locks on her scissors, ignoring all of his taps and makes him panic for long periods of time before letting him breathe again. We're surprised he survived this! You also get to experience the wrath of Sara's scissors with some great P.O.V. footage. Right when it looks like he's had enough, she forces his head off the bed and applies a standing headscissor demanding him to feel her biceps. She then leans back, squeezing so hard that she nearly pops his head off. After failing the scissor challenge, she punishes him with a full power reverse headscissor that puts him out cold within seconds. He wakes up to her straddling him and flexing her biceps. Sara is certainly one of the strongest women out there. We highly recommend you find out for yourself!
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