Sara Lips
Work Retreat: Secret Session Life
Have you ever wondered how your hot co-worker spends her spare time? The answer may shock and surprise you. During a work retreat, Jay and Kyle muster up the courage to ask their sexy fit colleague if she's the same girl that they found on a site called SesssionGirls. "Yes, I'm Sara Lips" she responds and then proceeds to give them a taste of her "other" job. Still wearing her jeans, she clamps onto Jay's neck, trapping him in a tight reverse headscissor. She then moves on to Kyle, crushing his head in a classic headscissor. Sara decides to take it up a notch and strips down to her underwear. Both men are shocked by her amazing physique. She's known to make men scream and occasionally pass out and she wasn't going to hold back on these guys. Needless to say, she practically has them in tears while nearly popping their heads off! She knocks Jay out and he wakes up while she's still squeezing. He begs her mercilessly to STOP! His phone also rings while in her bodyscissor and it just happens to be his wife. Sara grabs the phone from him and starts sending her pictures of her frightened husband. After all of this MAYHEM, Sara stands on both of her colleagues and flexes her biceps. Now that's one first-rate session girl right there!
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