Savannah Fox
Facesitting Challenge 5
Savannah has one of the HOTTEST booties out there so doing a facesitting challenge was a no brainer. What we didn't expect was how mean she would be to her victim Shawn Fox who is also her boyfriend. She held nothing back and made sure that he fought for the very little air that she allowed him. Her big ass completely engulfs his face, creating a total suction. The only time he breathed is when she unlocked her ass from his face! He taps frantically and tries to pry her off but it's no use. Savannah laughs at him while flexing her biceps or bounces on his face. After losing the challenge, she punishes him with a devastating reverse headscissor that has him screaming in agony. We really didn't think she'd go that hard on the poor guy but for Savannah, it's all or NOTHING!! You don't want to miss this!
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