Bedroom Battles Round 41
Sheena's North American tour ended in Toronto and she completely blew us away. First of all, it was really hard to make the free preview clip as it is non-stop GOLD!! This is probably one of our most exciting and fast paced Bedroom Battles to date. Not only does she look absolutely sexy in that outfit but her explosive energy is out of this world. The best way to describe it is a wrestling hurricane. Wherever you look, she's there pouncing on you with her legs ready to snatch you up! Speaking of which, her scissors are something else! Just look at those quads! She was also determined to knock Jay out which she totally does in a figure-4 headscissor that has him practically drooling. What adds the icing to the cake is how Sheena waits until he's almost awake, then starts crushing him again mercilessly in the same hold, laughing away. The fear in his face says it all. This is also the first time the battle gets taken to the ground. Sheena's aggressiveness gets the best of her as she flips Jay off the bed and executes a flying bodyscissor that sends him in excruciating pain! Sheena pours everything she's got in her final front headscissor sending Jay in a panic frenzy! We cannot recommend this video enough. Simply amazing!
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