Scissor Lightning Challenge 6
Sheena had a such a blast doing this lightning challenge and it shows! She gives her opponent 60 seconds to get out of her scissors and if he fails, which she knows he will, she gets to give him 10 seconds of full scissor power! She really eggs him on to try and escape, taunting him with the scissor punishment lurking around the corner. Her sadistic giggle is intoxicating as she laughs at the misfortune of her victim. She puts every ounce of power and energy into those punishment scissors as you will see Jay tapping frantically and terrified for his life. She knocks him out real good with her reverse headscissor, having to slap him the face until he wakes up. Unfortunately for him, the challenge isn't over and Sheena scoops him up into another scissor and reminds him what can happen if he doesn't get out. This video is highly entertaining and Sheena's energy shines bright! Highly recommended!
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