Deadly Sin
Fitness Fanatic: Breaking A Sweat!
What could be hotter than having Deadly Sin whip your ass into shape with some scissor motivation? This is one of her first videos which was shot the same day as her BIG hit "Pressure Gauge: Mean Ass Bitch!". She was on fire and ready to break a sweat! Watch as she lures her chauvinistic trainer to help with her pull ups only to find himself trapped between her very athletic legs. Her legs come flying at him at full speed, clasping his neck in a front headscissor while she's still hanging from the bar. She continues her pull ups while squeezing him tightly. She lets him go for a quick second and as he's about to flee, she snatches him in a straight headscissor. He can't catch a break! She kicks him to the floor and continues to scissor HARD, breaking a sweat from straining her legs so hard. You can just imagine what he's enduring at this point. Sin continues to do her workout or sometimes forces him to. He really doesn't have a choice and must obey her. While holding him prisoner in her figure-4, she talks about how easily she can knock him out by simply flexing certain muscles then decides to go for it! She was right! Out he goes. Deadly Sin obviously knows how to train the right muscles. (Note: This video was previously sold on Deadly Sin's Clips4sale store which is no longer active.)
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