Siren Thorn
Escape Artist: The Fatal Leg Lock!
Siren Thorn puts this escape artist to the test by introducing him to her FATAL Leg Lock! No one has ever escaped it or lived to talk about it. Siren waits until his wrists and ankles are locked together then surprises him with it. Her legs flail out on both sides of his neck, clamping down so tightly that he can barely breathe. She taunts the illusionist to free himself and then drops the bomb by telling him that if he fails, she will snap his neck with her legs. On top of that, she shows off her strength by knocking him out not once, but twice in a reverse headscissor. There is no doubt that these strong legs can end a man's life. He is flustered, terrified and most likely lacking oxygen to his brain. Her vise-like grip only seems to get tighter as time goes by. Even if he managed to free himself from the bindings, her leg lock would certainly be an impossible task. Her toned athletic legs were built to scissor! He has 10 seconds left as she counts down. The panic really sets in as he struggles with everything he's got. 3-2-1 and SNAAAAP!!! Siren giggles as another one fails her challenge. Onto the next one!
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