Siren Thorn
Fitness Fanatic: Lady Bully
Like we mentioned before, Siren has almost doubled in strength since the last time we've seen her, which is crazy. She's been training hard and it shows! If you're in the mood for some serious intense panic and REAL KO's, then you're in for a treat! A man who's having problems with a bully at work hires her to whip him into shape and build his confidence. Unfortunately for him, Siren is kind of a bully herself and pushes her clients with methods that are quite excessive. She uses her muscular thighs to motivate him and squeezes harder every time he fails. She goes SO hard on him that she actually knocks him out by accident and doesn't even notice. As she's placing him back into the hold, he starts yelling at her that he passed out over and over again. You'd think this would stop her but no. She pours on even more pressure making the wimp scream like a little girl. He looks completely terrified for his life! He actually said afterwards that her legs felt like steel beams fused together. He couldn't budge them at all. "This is what real power feels like" she says as she cranks on a reverse headscissor! She then purposely knocks him out once more with a front scissor and waits until he's out for a while before letting him go. A MUST SEE!
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