Siren Thorn
Scissor Challenge 253
There's nothing hotter than a bratty girl playing keep away with your phone while holding you in a tight reverse headscissor. Siren really rubs it in his face, letting him know how much stronger she is and threatens to call all of his friends, informing them of his embarrassing predicament. She snaps pictures of his purple face wedged between her muscular thighs, teasing him how she may post them on Facebook and Instagram. He desperately tries to retrieve his phone but she keeps it out of his reach while holding his neck confined in her leg jail. On top of all of this, she knocks him out 3 TIMES!!! Each time, he wakes up to either being forced back into a reverse headscissor or a front or a flex pose. You'll also really love the P.O.V. which shows off Siren's incredible booty! Enjoy the view!
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