Siren Thorn
The Baroness: Neck Break Specialist
As you all know by now, Siren's legs are extremely deadly. She has been practicing and tweaking her scissor technique for years. She easily fits into the role of the Baroness as she overpowers her opponent with her lethal legs. Sporting a skin tight catsuit, she kicks and knees her target, then while he's hunched over, she catapults into a handstand, trapping his neck between her thighs. He tries to free himself from her grip but her muscles just continue to constrict tighter. She pulls him to the ground where she unleashes her entire arsenal of scissors, slowly softening his neck until it's completely malleable. This is where her expertise comes into play and she uses precise pressure to crack his vertebrae with her scissors, rendering him paralyzed. Now he's completely incapable of defending himself and must endure more punishment from the Baroness. She squeezes his neck a little longer, turning his head into a purple grape then finally puts him out of his misery. With one swift snap, she finishes him off. He didn't stand a chance!
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